डिलीट डेटा कैसे रिकोवर करे -How Recover Data In Hindi

  दोस्तों आज  हम सीखेंगे  की डेटा रिकवर  कैसे करे / कही बार  हमारे से गलतीसे  से  अपना इम्पोर्टेंट  डेटा  डिलीट  हो जाता  हे और हम  डर  जाते  हे की अब  क्या करे तो दोस्तों इसमे  डरने  की कोई जरुरत  नहीं  हे  क्यू की आज

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Introducing IP Addressing ( Basic )

Every Devices That is Connected to the network using The  Network using TCP/IP  protocol requires an IP Address .Every individual in an organizations has a unique employee ID by which the rest of the organization identifies him .AN IP address is a 32-bit binary number

Corel Draw x6 And x7 Shortcuts Keys You Must Know

Design Is not just What it look Like  Design is how it Work !!   Align Command Short key Description Align bottom    B Aligns selected objects the bottom Align center page    P Align Center of selected object to page center Align Horizontal Center

Type of The Network card

    Hi Aryan Hear Lets See Types of NIC    Different Types of  Network card are Ethernet card and Token Ring card .As the name implies Ethernet Card is Used in the nodes Which are connected using Ethernet Technologyand Token ring card is used in

History of Photoshop ( Must read )

The History of Photoshop (image -Editing Application)  Should be divided   into  two categories : BP and AP ( Before Photoshop and After Photoshop ) Before Photoshop ,there were various  bitmap app available some of which were very good .three was Pixel paint pro studio 8 Digital Darkroom

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