Laptop Start Nahi Ho Raha hai Kaise Repair kare

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Hi friends in the Post i,ll Explain how To troubleshoot  Dead Laptop & find the Problem | the Following Troubleshooting Hindi Tips are note Model And Brand Specific  

Hindi :- Dosto Aaj ke Post Me Hum dead Laptop ki Problem Find kar ke Use Kaise dur kar sakte hai Eske Bare me pata karenge |Hum Aaj Aap ko Jo Bhi Step Batayenge Yah Kisi Specific Laptop Ya Model ke Bare me nahi hai Yah Aap kisi bhi Laptop ke Liye Follow kar sakte hai



Dead Laptop ko troubleshoot kaise kare in hindi


When You Plug in the AC Adapter & Press Power Button , ther Are No Sings of Life at all .it appears to be Dead |What You Can Do ? 

in Hindi – Jab Aap Laptop ko AC Adapter se Connect kar ke Power ON ka Button press karte ho par Laptop me Koe power Show nahi Hota hai Yane Aap ka Laptop dead ho Chuka hai | Ab Aap Kya Karoge ?

  • Sabse Pahela Yah Check karo ki Jis wall outlet ko Aap AC adapter Plug kar rahe ho Wo Working Condition me hai Ya nahi |Aise me hume Dusare Wall outlet par Adapter Laga Kar laptop ka Power Check karna Jaroori hai Kyu Ki Ho Sakta hai Use outlet me  Voltage Problem ho 
  • AC Adapter ke Output Voltage ko voltmeter (multimiter)  Se check karo Kyu ki Low Voltage se Laptop Battery Charge nahi hoti hai Aur Laptop ko power nahi milati hai
  • Aagar Adapter me Koe Problem nahi hai to Battery ko Laptop se Remove karo | Charger Laptop se connect karo Aur 1 to 2 Minute Wait karo Aur Check karo ki Laptop me Power ON Ho raha hai Ya nahi

Most of View Yah Common Problems Hai Jin ke Vajah Se Laptop dead Ho Jata hai | Agar En Basic troubleshooting Se Aap ko Aisa Lagta hai ki Charger me Koe Problem hai Ya Battery me to Aap ko New Charger or Battery Buy  Ya replace Karne padegi

Agar Battery &  Charger Check karne ke Badh  Aap ko Aisa Lag raha hai ki Yah 2Dono Bhi Proper working Condition me hai To Hume Laptop ka DC Power Jack Check karna hoga

Dosto Ab Yah Sab Troubleshoot karne ke badh Bhi Laptop me “No”Display Aa raha hai to Niche Diye Huye Sare Step ko follow Karo Aur Dead Laptop ki problem ko Solve karo

Laptop Kaise repair karate hai hindi me Puri Jankari

Dosto Laptop me No Display show Ho raha hai to Sab se Pahela Laptop ko External Monitor Se Connect kar ke dekho Ki External Monitor Ya VGA TV me Display Show Ho raha hai Ya Nahi



Laptop ko External Monitor par →VGA Port →HDMI Port →DVI Port Se cable  connect karo Aur Keyboard par →Fn Key Press kar ke F4 press kare [HP]

Dosto Yah Keyboard Button ke Combination se hi External Monitor par Display Show hoga  | Yadd Rakhe Laptop ke Hur Model ka Key Combination different-Different Type ki hoti hai . Jaise ki → Fn+F5 [Toshiba] → Fn+F7 [IBM] 

Agar External Monitor Proper Work Kar raha hai | par Laptop ka Display External me Show Nahi Ho raha hai to Ess problem Se related Aise Kuch common problem Jo Most Of Time Aate hai


  • Agar Laptop Aur Monitor ke Bich me Loose Connection ho to Aap ko Display Show Nahi hoga Aise me VGA cable ko 2 dono Aur Se Tide karo Ya reconnect karo
  • External Screen Problem Ho Sakti hai | Replace it with a new one
  • Video Cable me Problem Ho Sakti hai | Change VGA cable & Try Again Latter
  • Motherboard Problem


Internal & External Monitor me Bhi Display show Nahi Ho raha hai to Uske 2  reason hai


  1. Failed memory (RAM)
  2. Failed motherboard.



  • Memory module Ko  Reconnect kar ke dekho ! Kyu ki Motherboard Par RAM Proper Attach nahi Hua to No Display Ka Problem Show Hota hai
  • Memory  Module Ke contacts ko Clean karo & insert karo
  • Memory Module ko Dusare Memory Se replace Karo

Agar Aap ke Laptop me 2 RAM hai to 1 by 1 Ek -EK ko Nikal ke Fir LAPTOP me Attach karo | Chances hai ki Kisi Ek Memory Module ke Vajah Se “No Display “ka Problem Show Ho jaye

Dosto Memory Module ko Reset | replace |Clean Kar ne Ke badh bhi Laptop me Same Problem hai to Laptop se →Battery →Hard Disk → DVD Drive →Other Hardware Component remove Karo . & Without Any Component Laptop ko Start Karo  



Yah Possible hai Ki Kisi Bad Component ko Laptop se remove Kiya to Laptop ka Display Show Ho Jaye Aur Laptop Properly Work Kar Jaye 🙂

Now ab Laptop ko fir Se external Monitor Se connect kar ke Dekho result Kya Show Ho raha hai Yane Display Aa rah hai ya nahi ..Same Problem hai to Laptop ke Video Cable ko Motherboard Se disconnect kar Do | Cable me Problem Ho Sakti hai .



Dosto Abhi bhi Computer [Laptop] dead Hai to Laptop se internal components [ Ex: wireless card, modem, keyboard, etc…] ko Remove Karo |Aur Keval Motherboard par VGA cable connect kar ke External Monitor par Display Check karo .



Dosto Abhi bhi No Display or Dead Laptop hai to Last Step Aap ko Motherboard ko Laptop se Remove karna hai Aur External Computer Se connect kar ke dekhna hai ki Display Show Ho raha hai Ya nahi



Dosto Yah Last Image barebone system Ki hai Jaha motherboard se Sare components Remove Kiye hai | Aur Hume Dead laptop Esi Tar Step By Step check karte Aana Hota hai

The bare bone system includes:

1. Motherboard (like in most cases it has onboard graphics chip).
2. CPU with the cooling module.
3. Known good memory module.
4. The power button board.
5. Known good AC adapter.

Dosto Agar Yah Sare Step ko proper instructions ke follow karoge to Aap ka Laptop 70% Start Ho Sakta hai !fir Bhi Laptop me oe Changes nahi hai to Laptop ka Motherboard Or CPU Dead hai

दोस्तों उम्मीद करता हु की आपको Dead लैपटॉप  कैसे Repair करे यह पता चला होगा । फिर भी अगर आपको  Laptop |Computer |Mobile| से जुडी कोई परिशानी हुयी तो निचे Comment करे हम आप की जरूर सहायता करेंगे


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