Computer me Boot Manager se Unwanted Window kaise Delete kare

Hi Dosto  Aaj hum janenge ki  Computer me Boot manager Se unwanted OS kaise delete kare ! Dosto Boot Screen yane Jab Tum computer Start karte ho ! use Vact Jo Black Color Ki Screen Tumhare Samane Aati hai use Boot Screen kehet hai !

to jab tum Aapne Computer me 2 ya 2 se Aadhik Window Load karte ho tab Computer Start Hone ke Pehla Boot manager me Bo Sare Window Show hote hai ! to Aap Jis Os se Login Lena Chahte ho vaha Se logi le sakte ho


Problem tab Aati hai jab hum computer Se Koe Windows  Nikalna chahate hai to bo window kaise Nikalae ??? to Dosto Aagar tum Jan na chahate hai Ki Computer se Extra window kaise Delet karo to hume Simply Follow karo


How to Delete an Operating System Listed in Windows Boot Manager in Hindi 


1) Run me Jao Aur “msconfig” type karke Enter kare ( Shortcut Microsoft+R)


2) Enter karte hi Aapke Samane System Configuration Screen khulega ! Usme Second tab “Boot” button par click karo

3) Boot Button par click karte hi tumhare Samane Windows ki List Aayegi

(yane Tumhare computer me Jitne Window Install hai bo sab yaha Dikhege)  Abb Simply Jo Window Tumhe Boot manager se Nikal na hai Use Select karo aur Niche Delete button par click karte Ok kardo !

Ok karte hi tumhare Samne computer Restart ke puchega Vaha “Yes ” kardo

computer Restart ke Badh Aap dek Sakte Ho Aap ke boot manager me Keval Wo hi Window Show hogi Jo Tum Rakhna chahate ho



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    तो सर मुझे बताइये कि कैसे reboot करे
    और एक दूसरा dialog box आता है जिसमे you must restart to apply these changes
    Before restarting save any open files and close all programs
    लेकिन restat करने के बाद भी वही problems आता है

    सर,दोनों problems के solution बताइये
    Reboot कैसे करेंगे और दूसरा वाला

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