History of Photoshop ( Must read )

The History of Photoshop (image -Editing Application)  Should be divided   into  two categories : BP and AP ( Before Photoshop and After Photoshop ) Before Photoshop ,there were various  bitmap app available some of which were very good .three was Pixel paint pro studio 8 Digital Darkroom and of course , Mac-paint .Like dinosaurs facing extinction, all these app faded away after the comet called Photoshop  fell to earth in the late 1980s

 I am told that p[Photoshop got it start as file conversion program at industrial light and magic the special -effect studio started by George Lucas this was mid-1980s, when Graphics file for mats were all over the map and Postscript was nonexistent Photoshop began as an application that converted one format to anther .one look at the extensive list of Photoshop ,save As file options and this begins to make some sense 


One could argue that Photoshop is the most influential facilitator for the Growth of digital graphic since the Macintosh .And although the mac got us started in the mid -80s ,Adobe has kept things moving forward with interface standards and cross-platform compatibility that make graphics accessible to just about every computer in the core app driving new advances in the computer Graphic world.Photoshop combines with After effect for Pro video editing ,with Quark and Design for industry -standard page , layout,and with illustrator and free Hand for Desktop illustration .in all these instance Photoshop sits right in the middle ,Photoshop also drives the advancement of digital photography and pro web design      

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